Introducing Olive & Green’s 100% Sprouted Wholegrain Olive Oil Bread

The only bread that has 200% more nutrients as compared to regular bread,
our Sprouted Wholegrain Olive Oil Bread is high in antioxidants from Olive &
Green Organic Hippocrates Extra Virgin Olive Oil. What’s more, we only use
100% vegan ingredients and 100% organic whole grains (NOT commercial
shelf-stable sprouted flour), with no sugar, onions, or garlic. Try it and you’ll
see why we’ve been awarded the ‘Asia Pacific Super Health Brand New
Health 100’!

Health Benefits

  • Aid Digestion
  • Easily Absorbed
  • Increased Vitamins
  • Reduced Anti-nutrients
  • Stronger Immunity
  • Weight Management

Get a nutritional experience that’ll leave you wanting more.

Key Characteristics


The healthiest breads in the market

With 200% more nutrients due to our sprouted grains, you can expect increased vitamin C and
B (B2, B5, B6) content, as well as 8 times the amount of carotene you’ll get from normal breads.

Because sprouting neutralizes enzyme inhibitors and phytic acid (substances in the bran of grains that prevent bioabsorption of calcium, iron, copper, and magnesium), consuming Sprouted Breads also means reduced anti-nutrients. What’s more, sprouting create enzymes that aid in digestion, so all these good nutrients are easily absorbed by your body.

Combined with our no-sugar policy, it’s no coincidence that our Sprouted Breads are considered the healthiest breads in the world!

Truly organic and vegan

The ingredients that go into our 100% Sprouted Wholegrain Olive Oil Bread include Organic
Sprouted Wheat, Olive & Green Organic Hippocrates Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 37C Rain Ultrapure Water, Natural Yeast, and Handmade Sea Salt.

Vegans can also rejoice, because our Sprouted Breads provide a complete set of amino acids, the building blocks of protein.

Moreover, we do not use commercial shelf-stable sprouted flour which have been heat-treated to kill enzymatic activities. Instead, we use 100% Organic Wholegrains so you can expect the highest of quality when you purchase our Sprouted Breads.


A handcrafted, artisan baking process

Returning to the traditional process of sprouting grains for greater nutritional value, Olive & Green nurtures the grains in our very own facility, allowing the wheat berries to sprout before being ground up into a paste. Once sprouted, we dry the grains at extremely low temperatures to preserve their vitamins, minerals, and enzymes.

Because dried sprouted flour is similar to wholemeal flour due to extensive processing, we use only sprouted mash. This is a live vitamin and mineral filled culture with a high water activity, so sprouted mash has to be be prepared fresh at least once a week.

Baking is also a delicate process requiring lower temperates and longer baking times. Due to a lower gluten content, sprouted breads do not support the formation of air bubbles as well as normal breads, resulting in bread that appears smaller but is more filling than other breads.

Regular Ionic FIR sauna sessions can help lower work stress, improve immune systems, prevent acne outbursts, lower cholesterol levels, prevent excessive weight problems, and reduce memory loss. Such benefits will not only grant you better health, but wealth as well from your enhanced daily work performance!

Fresh for a longer time

A healthy and effective method of food preservation, we recommend keeping our Sprouted Breads frozen to preserve their freshness.

Want bread that tastes just as fresh as the day you out it into the freezer? Simply, steam, toast, or thaw or bread for 30 minutes. Like the taste of ice cakes? Feel free to eat our breads straight from the freezer without thawing!


A different nutritional experience

Besides being denser and chewier, Sprouted Breads also come with a nutty and earthly taste. Perfect for toasting and going with savoury ingredients like our seasoned mushrooms or yeast extract!

Don’t just read about our raving reviews. Try our Sprouted Bread yourself!

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

What would compliment Olive and Green’s Breads?

For the white breads, we generally recommend light toasting of the bread before applying any topping for added flavor. We sell a range of vegan patties that go well with our seed buns and can be found in select organic cafes around Singapore. Our wholemeal breads are better suited for sweeter toppings such as Carob Syrup or Grape Syrup.

For a healthier touch, we recommend using our Koroneiki Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil with Italian herbs or chilli with the white breads for a buttery
and peppery taste.

What are the price differences between sprouted bread and other types of organic bread? How have you coped with price increases in raw ingredients?

In terms of prices, sprouted breads are generally priced 20% to 30% higher than other types of organic bread due to the time intensive processes involved in sprouting.

The increasing ingredient prices affect the entire industry as a whole, and as such, our ingredient costs have gone up 30% to 60% over the past two years. However, we have only recently begun to revise our prices upwards to reflect this change in costs. In the interests of increasing access to healthy sprouted bread for people, we have also borne a proportion of the cost increases on our side at the expense of our profit margins.

The lab test from AVA does not really show comparison with other breads in the market, so how will I know if O&G’s sprouted bread is higher in protein as compared to XX bread for instance?

Understanding what happens during the process of sprouting may actually be a better way of explaining why sprouted breads are more nutritious than other breads. Numerous studies have been done in the past on the nutritive value of sprouted wheat and the general consensus is that sprouted wheat has higher protein, fiber, thiamine and riboflavin concentrations compared to white flour.