Introducing Olive and Green’s Slimming Quencher Program

The Slimming Quencher removes toxic intestinal waste, achieves PH balance for your body, increases resting metabolism for fat burning, and uses stored fats as an energy fuel for your body. The result? A younger and slimmer just 4 days – embark on your journey today!

Health Benefits

  • Weight Loss
  • Increase Metabolism
  • Feel Younger
  • Clearer Complexion
  • Energy Boost
  • Improved Sleep

Get the younger and slimmer you that you’ve always wanted.

Key Characteristics


Only way to lose visceral fat

Visceral fat surrounds the vital organs in the abdomen. Since it cannot be seen from the outside, it often goes undetected. Potential problems associated with excessive visceral fat include diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. Normal exercise and dieting may help reduce subcutaneous fat (the fat we store just under our skin), but these do not decrease visceral fat. The only solution to help you reduce visceral fat in your body is Olive & Green’s Slimming Quencher program.

Permanent fat loss with no yo-yo effect

The Slimming Quencher program works by converting the fatty acids in your body into energy,
effectively using up stored fats, and preventing yo-yo effects that are commonly seen with other types of diets. Using our Omron Body Composition Monitor, you’ll be able to see statistics such as your body fat percentage, visceral fat amount, and body age, key indicators that further validate your before and after results.


Younger body and cellular age

Calculated using your weight, body fat percentage, and skeletal muscle percentage, your body age number reflects your body age in relation to your calendar age. The goal is to keep it 5 years lower than your calendar age, a feat that may be tough for individuals who have hectic lifestyles. This is something that our Slimming Quencher can help you with. In fact, many of our customers report dropping an average of 1 year (in terms of body age) after every Slimming Quencher program.

User Reviews

“From 75.8kg to 71.7kg, in 4 days! Though my weight fluctuates between 72 and 73kg these few days after the programme… my friends say that my face do not look so bloated, as though I got rid of my water retention. Other than looking sharper, most commented that my face looks clearer, glower, with lighter eye bags too.”

– Daniel, Blogger at

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Stop procrastinating. Get started on your journey to feel younger and slimmer!

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

What does the Slimming Quencher Program consist of?

It comes with 4x Daily Portion Bottles of The Slimming Quencher, 1x Two Day Bottle of Morning Energy, 1x Two Day Bottle of Night Beauty and Olive & Green 37C Raw Distilled Water (Complimentary for local orders).

Can I consume any meals during the program?

No food should be taken during the 72 hours when cleansing is taking place. The program will not work if you do not adhere strictly this this as your body will not be able to transit to the fat burning phase if you have other food in the system.

How often should I participate in this program?

Ideally, you should do it every month to detoxify and maintain a slimmer silhouette and improve your health.

How much are you selling the Slimming Quencher Program for?

Each Slimming Quencher Pack is retailing at S$300.