Patented 37 degrees evaporative water technology to create the purest micro-molecular water that helps to cleanse our bodies of toxins and hydrate us effectively. Contact O&G for leasing details.


RM 15 Water Purification System

The RM 15 is a free-standing water purification dispenser which uses the unique Cold Vaporisation™ technology to purify water. The RM 15 was designed for SOHO environments with up to 15 staff members.

The RM 15 is perfect for smaller spaces and can easily fit into a kitchen or meeting room without taking up much space.

Get 37°C Cold Vapourisation Ultrapure Water 15L 37C

RM 15 System Features

  • Cold water temperature: Adjustable between 8°C–15°C (42°F–68°F).
  • Hot water temperature: Adjustable between 20°C–92°C (68°F–197°F).
  • Compressor refrigeration: R 134a gas, gentle on the environment.
  • Automatic drip tray: Self draining drip tray which removes any overflow or spillage.
  • Easy to use touch buttons
  • CLS technology: Closed Loop System (CLS) for hygiene, safety and security.
  • Purity monitor: Continuous purity monitoring with auto emergency shutdown.
  • LCD display: Easy-to-read display showing water purity, and hot and cold temperature.
  • Small system footprint

Where would you use a RM 15?

  • Do you want healthy and happy staff?
  • Do you have between 2-15 staff members?
  • Does your office have high security requirements?
  • Does your office have little space for storing bottled water?
  • Are you concerned about the occupational health and safety of your employees?
  • Is your business concerned about their carbon footprint?

Get 37°C Cold Vapourisation Ultrapure Water 15L 37C


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