Introducing Olive and Green’s LadyLove ION Sanitary Napkin

LadyLove ION Sanitary Napkins contains anions which have strong absorption capabilities and are able to eliminate and suppress the multiplication of bacteria and viruses – just the thing you need to have a more enjoyable period!

Health Benefits

  • Eradicate Bacteria
  • Strengthen Immunity
  • Reduce Fatigue
  • Balance Hormones
  • Eliminate Odor
  • Improves Metabolism
  • Treat Inflammation
  • Decrease Stress

It’s time you stopped having unpleasant periods.

Key Characteristics


Comfortable, breathable and dry

LadyLove consists of 3 different layers:

1. Surface Layer: Comprises of a soft layer to keep your delicate area dry and comfortable.

2. Absorbent Layer: Strong absorbent agents transform liquid discharge into jelly-like substance, eliminating stickiness.

3. Base Layer: Air permeable materials remove moist air effectively,reduce heat, and keep the pad breathable.

Anti-bacterial and deodorization functions

Each pad comes embedded with an anionic tape which releases a high density of anions. This helps to strengthen the immune system, enhance antiseptic capabilities, and eliminates odor without negative side effects.


Super strong absorption agents

Any liquid is absorbed quickly once it comes into contact with the pad, thereby preventing backflow and leakage. This helps ensure the wearer’s comfort and convenience in movements.

What are the differences between LadyLove ION Sanitary Napkins and Normal Sanitary Napkins ?

Exude confidence when you go about your daily activities.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

What are Anions (Negative Ions)?

They are odorless, tasteless molecules that are highly capable of absorbing micro particles in the air to remove dust, bacteria, and viruses. This process produces low electric currents that eliminate these unwanted substances and suppress further multiplication, thus achieving the effects of eradicating bacteria and sterilization.

How does the LadyLove ION Sanitary Napkin work?

Every cm3 of the anionic padding in the Anionic Sanitary Napkin can release up to 6070 anions. The anions then suppress the survival and multiplication of bacteria and viruses on the sanitary napkin. The anionic padding maintains a balanced  pH level by releasing a large amount of oxygen. As a result, it enhances hormonal balance, strengthens immunity, decreases stress, eradicates bacteria, treats inflammation, eliminates odor and reduces fatigue.

Why does it not absorb well for me?

The anionic padding is a semi-permeable membrane designed for healthy ladies. Poor absorption generally results from higher menstrual blood viscosity, a sign of disease. LadyLove cures menstrual blood diseases by maintaining pH and releasing oxygen over time. Regular usage will eventually return menstrual health to normal and the pad will absorb with no issues, a sign of good health.

What are the sizes of the napkins?

Each pack contains the following:

Panty Liner(155mm)

30 pieces

Dayx2  (245mmx155mm)

2×10 pieces

Night (280mm)

8 pieces